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No7 Pure Retinol 1% Retinol Night Concentrate 30ml

No7 Pure Retinol 1% Retinol Night Concentrate 30ml

SKU: 5000167345643

Product details

Size: 30mls

Expiry: 6mths after opening

Product Summary

• Designed for experienced retinol users

• Clinically proven to deliver, even on the appearance of stubborn and deep wrinkles

• Dermatologist Approved

• Our highest form of retinol

• Cannot be layered with other retinol products



No7 Pure Retinol 1% Retinol Night Concentrate 30ml

Clinically proven to deliver younger looking skin, this powerful No7 Retinol Night Cream supports cell turnover and visibly transforms skin with high-strength, 1% pure retinol and No7's collagen peptide-based technology.
Designed for experienced retinol users, No7 Pure Retinol 1% Retinol Night Concentrate targets the 7 key signs of ageing and reduces the appearance of all wrinkles, even deep ones. While you sleep our Night Concentrate restores radiance, so skin looks rejuvenated for luminous younger-looking skin.
Skin looks visibly smoother, more radiant, and feels firmer over time.



• Stubborn & deep wrinkles look reduced

• Skin tone looks more even

• Dark spots & pigmentation look reduced

• Skin texture looks visibly improved

• Skin looks & feels firmer and more lifted

• Skin looks visibly more radiant

• Fragrance free



Follow with our No7 Post Retinol Soother to help support skin’s tolerance to retinol by ensuring skin feels moisturised and calm.


What Else do You Need to Know


• 82% would buy and recommend to a friend

• Proven to target 7 key signs of ageing

• Retinol optimiser: An intelligent slow-release oil encapsulation system for enhanced delivery throughout the night.

• Collagen Peptide based technology; Matrixyl 3000 Plus: No7’s powerful anti-wrinkle peptide technology for helping to restore a more youthful appearance to your skin.

• Promotes cell turnover

• Ideal for skin preconditioned with Retinol 0.3%


Formulated With


• 1% Pure Retinol: No7's maximum strength, most effective & proven form of retinol

• Retinol Soother: with bisabolol to help skin feel soothed, and niacinamide known to support the skin's natural moisture barrier

• Retinol Optimiser: an intelligent slow-release oil encapsulation system for enhanced delivery of Pure Retinol

• Collagen Peptide-Based Technology: MATRIXYL 3000 PLUS, No7's next generation of age-defying complex

• Centella asiatica leaf extract with its antioxidant-boosting effects, antibacterial properties, hydration and reduced trans epidermal water loss. It helps to reduce skin irritation by repairing the skin barrier function. Its constituents help decrease redness, inflammation and relieve itchy skin due to their soothing and healing properties.


Suitable for

Designed for experienced retinol users

How to use


• Limit initial use to once or twice a week on non-consecutive nights, gradually increasing frequency to every other night, then every night as tolerated. 

• As a guide, it can take at least 6 weeks to reach nightly use. 

• Do not use with other retinols.

• This concentrate has been created to form the first stage of your evening age-defying routine.

STEP1: At night, apply 2 pumps to a cleansed face, avoiding the eye, outer eye and lip areas. 

STEP2: Allow product to completely absorb before applying your usual No7 Serum and liberally applying your No7 Night Cream.

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