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SKU: 5045098038103

Product details

  • Size: 30mls
  • Expiry: 12 mths after opening


This clinically proven targeted booster serum has been designed for areas of the face most prone to loss of firmness.

Contains 4x more firming complex than our clinically proven serums.

In just 1 week skin looks and feels firmer, while face and neck look lifted.
By 2 weeks face and neck look visibly lifted.

Women agreed that this booster serum gave them the best results they had seen from a skincare product, and better results than they thought possible from skincare alone.

Skin looks lifted, toned and tighter in one week* *consumer testing on 220 women
Our most powerful combination yet** Consumer testing on 209 women using any No7 Booster Serum with their usual No7 Serum

How to use

For best results: Apply every morning and evening before applying your usual No7 serum or moisturiser. In OFF position shake firmly once with the applicator down, turn to ON position. 1. Massage no more than a peppercorn size amount from the left side of your mouth outwards and upwards to your brow. 2. Repeat on the right. 3. Massage the same amount into your neck and jawline. Massage any remaining product into your skin with your fingers . Remember to return pack to OFF position wiping away any excess product from the applicator with a clean tissue. Suitable for sensitive skin


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