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No7 HydraLuminous Water Surge Gel Oil Free 50ml

No7 HydraLuminous Water Surge Gel Oil Free 50ml

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$34.00 Regular Price
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• The lightweight gel feels weightless on skin, instantly absorbing to leave skin feeling smooth

• Hydrates for 72 hours

• The weightless pollution shield provides an invisible barrier against pollution particles that can damage skin and dull skins natural glow 

• Visibly fresh looking, glowing skin in 1 week

• Designed for all skin types, including sensitive skin


A super lightweight gel moisturiser which feels weightless on skin. Formulated to hydrate skin for 72 hours for visibly fresh looking and glowing skin. A refreshingly cool gel moisturiser that absorbs instantly into the skin for immediate, long-lasting hydration. Packed with pure hyaluronic acid and a blend of skin-loving and protective ingredients, No7 Water Surge Gel shields against skin-damaging pollution and the daily environmental stresses that can dull skin's natural glow.


Formulated with No7's HydraDrench complex, powered by naturally derived plant hydrators, to instantly infuse skin with fresh hydration.


See healthier looking, glowing skin in just one week.


Who is this product for:

Designed for all skin types.

Suitable for sensitive skin.


What Else do You Need to Know

• Cool, lightweight gel moisture

• Absorbs instantly to infuse skin with fresh hydration

• HydraDrench Complex powered by naturally derived plant hydrators

• Pollution Shield Technology helps create an invisible barrier against pollution particles 

• With a protective antioxidant blend of Vitamin C, Mulberry and Vitamin E 


Formulated With

• No7's HydraDrench complex - made of plant hydrators to instantly boost skin’s hydration to give visibly fresh and glowing skin in one week.

• Pollution Shield Technology, a biosaccharide gum that creates film on the skin’s surface to keep out pollution particles which can damage the skin barrier and cause pigmentation, breakouts, and dullness.

• Aquaxyl - limits water loss by improving the skin barrier. Not only it increases the water content of the outer layer instantly and in the long run but it also visibly improves cracked, dry skin and smooths the skin surface after a month of treatment.

• Panax Ginseng Root Extract – with its antioxidant properties it boosts skin hydration, diminishes rough texture, helps fade uneven skin tone, and help visibly improve wrinkles by working within skin to bolster its natural firmness.

• Vitamin C - the rich formula creates a glowing, radiant complexion for healthy-looking skin.

• Vitamin E - helps to improve and strengthen your skin's protective barrier. Perfect for sensitive skin.




STEP 1: Always apply your face cream to damp skin
STEP 2: For better results apply first our No7 HydraLuminous Water Concentrate
STEP 3: Apply small dots over your face and neck and then smooth out

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