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FUTURO™ Compression Basics Ankle Small

FUTURO™ Compression Basics Ankle Small



Size Guide:

Size Small 25.4cm – 31.8cm/ 10.0” – 12.5”

Medium 31.8cm - 38.0cm/ 12.5” - 15.0”

Large 38.0cm - 44.5cm/ 15.0” - 17.5”


Provides compression and support to help alleviate ankle pain

Futuro™ Brand Products are a badge of empowerment—supporting possibilities, not limitations. An active lifestyle—full of vibrancy and vitality—is an aspiration many of us share. We truly believe if you feel energised, you’ll live a more active life, and we weave this belief into every inch of each product we make. To ensure the Futuro Brand name remains a leading brand in supports and hosiery, our products are supported by a panel of experts—engineers and medical professionals. This is our commitment: state-of-the-art intelligence, technology and innovation featured in every innovative Futuro Product, each designed to empower you to live life to the fullest and get more out of every day.


  • Basic compression for everyday wear
  • Helps with arthritis symptoms and swelling
  • Helps provide support to injured ankle
  • Breathable materials provides compression and comfort
  • Contoured shape for proper fit
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