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Anew Platinum Day Cream

Anew Platinum Day Cream


Avon Anew Platinum Day Cream

Size: 50 mls
Expiry: 12 mths from opening


Our super enriching Anew Platinum Day Cream is one of our bestselling face creams. Why? It’s formulated with patent pending Paxillium Technology, which is designed to help restore youthful cell shape, making your skin feel silky smooth and totally radiant. Not only that, but 85% who tested our product agreed that their skin felt more youthful and resilient.

• Restores for youthful-looking skin.
• Normal to mature skin.
• Patent pending Paxillium Technology.
• 50ml.

How to use me:

To give your skin the glowing finish it deserves, simply use Anew Platinum Day Cream in the morning after cleansing. Here’s to a new you.

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