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ACE™ Brand Custom Dial Knee Strap

ACE™ Brand Custom Dial Knee Strap

SKU: 051131199200

3M Brands; Futuro & Ace


Body Part


Fit Range

12.5" to 17.5”

31.75cm to 44.45cm

Sizes Available

M BrandsOne Size - Adjustable

Support Level


Where to Measure

Measure around leg below kneecap.


  • Applies firm, targeted pressure on your affected tendon without increasing pressure around entire leg
  • Soothing gel pad delivers targeted pressure
  • Custom Dial System enables pressure to be increased or decreased easily without re-adjusting the entire strap
  • Smooth edges feel soft against your skin


Wear & Care


  • 1. Pull hook fastener through slot to create loop in strap. Apply to calf below the bend in the knee. Pressure pad should be located on the outside of the calf.

    2. Tighten strap to a comfortable level of low compression and secure the hook tab onto the strap. Tighten dial by rotating clockwise until desired compression level is achieved. Increase pressure as activity level is increased. Do not overtighten.

    3. To remove, loosen dial until no pressure is felt, pull hook tab from strap, slide off the leg.

    Care Instructions
    Hand wash in warm water with mild detergent. Air dry.

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